1986 280GE For Sale


I'm afraid my G's time has come. A U1300/L37 Unimog is now sitting in the G's parking spot. As a result the G has to go.

We have had the truck since 2002 and in that time we have put in a great deal of mechanical work, unfortunately we haven't gone to the same lengths with the body work. As a result I think it is best to think of this as a bush truck rather than a boulevard cruiser.

The truck was a relatively upmarket speced 280GE LWB so it has the fully carpeted interior with extra sound deading, electric door locks, heated seats and electric winch switch with bumper plug and solenoid, air conditioning and the 4 speed autobox. It has diff locks for both axles and part time 4wd with a two speed shift on the fly transfer case.

In our time with it we have added a hannibal roof rack, tent and awning. The tent tarpaulin outer cover needs to be replaced but otherwise the rack is in good shape. We have the optional sides for the awning which can basically turn the awning into an additional tent if necessary. All told the replacement value of all the hannibal stuff is about five grand.

The Good:

  • New front left brake caliper December.
  • 2010 new plugs, wires, cap and rotor.
  • 2010 repaired rotted out rear wing door hinge support.
  • 2009 New wheel bearings and track rod.
  • 2005 engine top end rebuild.
  • BFG AT/TAs 33x10.5.

The Bad:

  • Didn't pass aircare in December.
  • Water is getting into the passenger side footwell.
  • The air con works but doesn't blow nearly as cold as it once did.

The Ugly:

  • Body rust in a few places around the truck
  • the clear coat is peeling off the hood, which has a couple dents from a poorly secured pair of jerry cans.

Spares and Extras:

  • Shop Manual
  • Owner's Manual in English
  • Unmounted factory snorkel
  • Unmounted tropical fan
  • One wheel bearing kit
  • Set of new door gaskets
  • Lots of other extra spares of various sorts

The Price:

I'm asking $14,500 obo for the truck.


Phone: (604) 584-2279


There are heaps of pictures of the truck at various vintages on all the G-amboree links at the left. The pictures below show some of the spare parts and the current state of the rust and whatnot. There are a pair of new headlight surrounds to replace the unphotogenic missing one on the front of the truck and looking at these pictures now, it is obvious that I really should have washed all the gunge off before taking them.