West Coast G-amboree 2004

Row o' Gs

The west coast G-amboree 2004 occurred over the weekend of August 14th. We had three Gwagens, one ml, one beautifully restored land cruiser and one hyundai pony.

Friday everyone that was staying in the harrison area met for dinner at the Black Forest Steak and Schnitzel House in Harrison Lake, and later retired to the almost palatial Sasquatch Inn. Our room even had electricity after an extension cord was run down the hall.

Saturday morning we all met outside the Sasquatch Inn for the comparison of idles (as a rule the fastest idle sounds best). From here we departed travelling along what would appear to be a good chunk of the road portion of the Bigfoot triathlon (fortunately before the race commenced).

We had a nice lunch at twenty mile bay and then continued on with the pony amply proving that in competent hands it was more than up to the task (much to everyone else's chagrin).

It was decided that a stop at sloquet hot springs would push things too late into the day so we all continued on to driftwood bay. On the way it was found that the one place where a pony is lacking is in high speed loose gravel driving, the pony could safely travel at about half the speed of the other vehicles.

Lots of pictures


Black Forest Steak and Schnitzel House

Zoomable maps of the areas that we travelled are here:
Abbotsford to Lilloet River.
Lilloet River, Mount Currie, Pemberton, Whistler, Squamish.

Or if you prefer the 1:20,000 scale topo indexes they are:
92G - Vancouver Squamish
92H - Harrison
92J - Whistler, Pemberton, Mount Currie