West Coast G-amboree Aug. 9

Surrey to Mt. Cheam

Row o' Gs
Gs at lunch Dusty More dust
Scenic Still scenic Sexy
End of the road Angus Something smelly
Road to the trail, 3 trailing g-wagons Bit'o'wire and some tape... Movie
Gs bums

The trip consisted of four G's and two MLs, The associated humans were: Jim G. in the gorgeous purple G, Flounder in the red one, Frank in the white one, Me (Chris) Bini and Angus in the grey one, Jason Dana Gwen Celia and Avery in the ML with the nerf bar and Charles in the vanilla ML. Also along were Mike Sabrina and Jacob.

Considering that the road was pretty two wheel drive friendly we were unlucky enough to have two failures, mine was fortunately fairly straight forward. One side of the electric fuel pump lost its connection. A bit of electrical tape and a short piece of wire and we were on our way again.

This electric fuel pump is now soldered to the wire (the terminal was too corroded to remove). Bodgey but it seems to work.