Small Engine Stuff


Next meetings:

Wednesday July 6 7:00pm
Wednesday August 3 7:00pm
Wednesday August 10 7:00pm (final project review before the fair)


If you have a small engine you want to bring, please bring it. Also scour the web for the manual for the engine, the shop manual, parts manual (for the exploded part diagrams) and even the owner's manual can be invaluable when working on an otherwise unfamiliar engine
Create an inventory of tools that are available to you. Discuss the inventory with your parents, if it is comprehensive it may well be useful for their insurance

for example:

Power Tools
MakeModelDescriptionSerial #
Bosch236181/4" 18V Impact8880000123
Hand Tools
ProtoJ6014C1/2" Torque Wrench
Blackhawk7 9 10 12 13 14 15 17 193/8" drive 6pt shallow sockets (mm)
Powerfist5.5 6 8 9 13 Combination wrenches (mm)

Read the Unit 1 book, try to stay awake through the whole carburator section.
If you missed the last meeting watch the following youtube video: Carburators
Optionally watch this one as well: Olde timey Carburator